About Us

About us

Espire is a reputable expert in developing fashion accessories , clothing embellishment and casual wear for women and children. Ever since its inception decades back, it has been committed to offering a broad spectrum of fashionable and quality accessories to its customers worldwide. Our passion for trend and charm has kept us long-standing and thriving in this product category.


Espire understands the natural instinct within every person to glamorize and accessories form an essential part of this. Every person has its own style and concept of beauty; it is then our mission to satisfy these various needs and demands for assortment of accessories to complete every look in all occasions.


Apart from the present head-to-toe products we have, including hair ornaments, fashion jewellery , scarves, clothing embellishments, tulles and flip flops; Espire constantly strives to provide on-trend and compelling styles to its customers. With our years of experience, we are also capable of creating our own designs to appease your exclusive desire. Our new series of princess party theme, T-shirt is on it’s way to represent now 2016.


Start fascinating yourself with the adorable collections we have!